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Residential and commercial pump and well repair is just a phone call away. At Champion, we have many diverse employees that are capable of handling all types of repairs. We back that up with training, proper tools and equipment that can get the job done. You can trust us, to take care of you.Equipment1.jpg (52342 bytes)

Champion has fully loaded service trucks that come to your home or business to make repairs. They not only carry new equipment, but many spare parts. On site repairs can be made by technicians that have been trained in field service. Emergency “no water” situations take top priority. We don’t just fix the problem; we check your water system and we may suggest items that need attention in the future.

Submersible and Turbine Pumps:

Submersible pumps are located inside the well, with the motor mounted below the liquid or pump end. These are great pumps that have many benefits over above ground centrifugal pumps. Submersible pumps never need priming because they are located below the water and they are cooled by the water they pump, therefore almost eliminating heat caused damage. Many inherent problems are caused by pumps/motors located above ground: i.e. rain, heat, insects and loss of prime. Line-shaft Turbine pumps are located inside the well, but the motor is mounted outside the well; the motor has a long shaft that extends from the well head to the pump-end. The shafts are kept centralized by “spiders” located inside the column pipe. From 1 hp to 150 hp motors, we have equipment and tools to remove any size Submersible and Line-shaft Turbine pump/motor. Champion has boom trucks that can pull any size drop pipe from 2”-16”.

Our shop contains two submersible pump test stations; we use these to test pumps and motors. Our service technicians can operate pumps under normal and high load conditions to make troubleshooting more effective. We stock many types of pumps, motors and control boxes to get you back in water fast.

Well Redevelopments & Rehabilitations:

The capacity of surficial wells typically decreases over time due to a variety of causes. Well capacity often can be restored by redevelopment or cleaning of the aquifer material immediately adjacent to the well screen. Redevelopment might include surging the well either alone or in combination with chemicals such as acid, chlorine or phosphate. Champion Well and Pump Services, Inc., uses this technique to restore capacity of its wells, some 50+ years old, and to keep them functioning efficiently.

Please Note: We abandon all types of wells -- Old drilled wells, should be properly abandoned to avoid groundwater contamination -- no job is to small or big!

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